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Yada on Franklin

I have lived in Clarksville, Tennessee my entire life, and it has been so fun to see our town grow into what it has become today. A friend this morning put it best: Clarksville has a stellar food scene, especially nestled along the Franklin Street area including some great craft breweries. Now add Yada on Franklin to the mix.

Yada on Franklin a beautiful space. It every detail is beautiful and feels special. The glass case is so inviting when you enter. The light fixtures, the floor, the bar, all so pretty!

Pro tip: Get there when they open at 7:00 and park on the street for free until 9:00! The city only starts charging starting at 8:00, and only after your first hour.

What to get: The Breakfast Sandwich. Get it with everything on it. The fried egg, spinach, mayo, tomato and sriracha. You can choose what kind of bread: biscuit, English muffin, or for a dollar extra get it on a croissant. Trust me, get the croissant! I wish I had splurged and added bacon for the extra $1.50. Use fork and knife to eat it! What I didn’t realize when I took my first bite, was that it is an over-easy egg. Messy, but delightful. I savored every bite, running pieces of croissant through the yolk.

A pic of the Breakfast Sandwich – after my first bite.

Writer? Getting some work done on your computer? If you’re looking for a place to sip on coffee with wifi and Seinfeld playing in the background, look no further. I got to be friendly with the owner at her previous location on Strawberry Alley and when I asked her about hanging around to do some writing, she not only encouraged it, she shared that they have charging stations spaced out every 4 bar stools at their gorgeous bar and invited me to sit at the bar.

This was such a great first experience and I can’t wait to go back. While I was there I ran into one of my former yoga instructors and he made a point to tell me to come back at night, that the bar is illuminated and the entire space is really a sight to behold at dark.









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The Mad Herbalist: Clarksville’s Unique Tea House and Dining Experience

The Mad Herbalist. (as experienced by Anna Claire, age 10)

“The Mad Herbalist reminded me of a log cabin and had a unique feel to it. It was clean and well-decorated.

There isn’t anything else like it in Clarksville. I loved smelling the different tea blends from the test tubes. Nobody else has tiers – the presentation is really pretty.

The teas.

The Ember Chai. When I first got it, it looked weird to me. There was a piece of smoking rosemary in it, like incense and I didn’t know what it was. I did not like the Ember with the savory tiers. It was smoky and really bitter. Make sure to try it with the dessert – it almost tastes like coffee with it.

I liked the Vanilla Honeycomb. The sugar that they rimmed the glass with gave it extra sweetness and made it really good.

The Mango Daze. I liked it. I think the hibiscus and the blood orange in it gave it the pretty red color. I ate the garnish – the blood orange (laughs).

The tiers.

I loved the stuffed shell. The pancetta in it was good and especially the sauce. I wished there was more.

The roasted vegetables and the hummus. I recommend dipping the pita bread and the carrots in the hummus AND the stuffed shell sauce. So good!

The dessert. It reminded me of like Reese’s peanut butter cup cheesecake. The ember tea, again, was good with the dessert. The sweetness compliments the bitterness.

Miss Kennedy was really friendly and knows a lot and gives really good descriptions of everything which makes you want to try it all.”

-Anna Claire