Basil Essential Oil


Basil has always been one of my favorite herbs, so no big surprise it’s also become one of my favorite essential oils.

I love the scent. Try diffusing just a drop or two of Basil and I think you will be very impressed. Young Living essential oils are very potent which is the advantage to choosing the brand. So little goes a very long way and lasts a long time.

Here are a few of my favorite uses:

Use Basil for mental clarity. Basil can help promote mental alertness and memory, and can also improve your sense of smell. Add a drop to the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Cup your hands over your mouth and nose and inhale deeply.

Get saucy. Try adding a drop or two of Basil EO to your marinara. PS – accept no substitute. Make sure your Basil is pure therapeutic grade, especially if consuming.

Use Basil for overall wellness. Add two drops to a veggie capsule and fill the rest of the way with a carrier such as grapeseed oil.

Soothe your muscles with Basil. Add a drop of Basil to the palm of your hand along with 4-6 drops of a carrier oil such as grapeseed. Rub your hands together and massage wherever your muscles need soothing.

Basil is excellent for supporting anyone in your family who gets migraines. We ran out of our beloved M-grain blend and Basil was my saving grace to support our oldest daughter until I was able to get my hands on more M-Grain.

For me, sometimes Dragon Time isn’t enough during that time of the month. I will layer Dragon Time, followed by tarragon and Basil. The Basil has been KEY. I have no cramping whatsoever since I’ve started layering Basil and love that I can support my body in this natural way!! I learned to add these oils from my Essential Oils Desk Reference book.

I’m so excited that Basil is free to Young Living members this month (April 2018) who place a 100 or more order!

**Did you know Basil is found in Clarity, M-Grain and Aroma Siez?

If you are new to oils, beyond curious and ready to dive in, the Premium Starter Kit is where to start. It has the 12 oils you will use the most often (including peppermint, lemon, lavender, Thieves, Digize, Peace & Calming, Valor, Citrus Fresh, Panaway, Stress Away, Raven and frankincense) plus a diffuser. Grab yours here.

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