My Favorite Oily Things on Amazon


Angie’s TOP 8 Favorites to order from Amazon.com.

1. These 5ml rollers:
To me they’re the perfect size for your purse without weighing it down but not so small that you’re refilling all the time.


2. Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap. It’s not easy finding unscented. But that’s exactly what kind I want. I like to add my own EOs for scent. Castille is great for handsoap and I also use in my shave cream.


3. My fave grapeseed. The can makes me happy. You WILL want grapeseed to dilute many of the oils. It helps them stretch to cover a larger area of skin and last longer. Also some “hot” oils used neat are too strong and can burn the skin.


4. True Essence 1 ml rollers. These little cuties are perfect for sharing oils with others or for travel.


5. Leven Rose Jojoba Oil. This is a great carrier to have on hand for using on the face. It is the closest to the skin’s natural pH so it won’t cause breakouts. Many on our team love in our face roller.


6. Witch hazel. I really like this one. It’s a great natural astringent, and is handy to add to sprays and perfumes to help the EOs and water to incorporate.


7. Essential Oils Pocket Reference book. This is such a handy book to help you learn how to use your oils. I must-have, really.


8. Gentle Babies book. When I started using oils, I was most anxious and unsure about using oils with my girls. This book takes all the guesswork and uncertainty out of using oils for babies and children. I will say, be sure to read the testimonials, and not just the reference pages. My favorite protocols are hidden in those testimonials!


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